Changing Lives One Smile At A Time

First Visit

What To Expect At Your Complimentary Smile Exam

Each individual’s orthodontic problem is different and deserves personalized attention. Your initial visit is an important opportunity for us to get to know you and what you want to accomplish. We believe that orthodontic problems involve more than just teeth so we look at the entire facial structure when treating our patients. Quality care and individual attention is the hallmark of our practice. We pride ourselves in taking the time necessary to explain our procedures each step of the way. The more you know about your care, the better the results.

At your first visit, Dr. AlbrightDr. ThiryDr. Albrightand Dr. Bhan will perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination to determine the status of your orthodontic health. If it is determined that orthodontic care is necessary, we will make a recommendation based on your specific situation, explaining the procedures involved and how long treatment should take. We will also provide you with the payment options available. Patients who are not ready to begin orthodontic treatment will be scheduled to return periodically for brief follow up observations.

By the end of your first visit, you will feel fully informed and confident in the orthodontic care that Drs. Albright or Dr. Thiry and their team will provide.

Appointments & Scheduling

This subject has an important relationship to the orthodontic treatment result and a significant connection with the cost of treatment. Nearly all orthodontic patients go to school or work. However, it is impossible to accommodate all of our patients during the hours of 3:30-6:00 p.m., as we are sure to agree. We have arranged our schedule according to the most practical and fair way possible to serve you with the best orthodontic treatment.

Therefore, certain types of treatment are done at specific times only. Every now and then, a patient or parent will request exception to these rules, but they must be denied as this would be an infringement on the rights of the patients.