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Brace Bus

Dr Richard Albright Jr., Dr. Kristin Albright ThiryDr Richard Albright III and Dr. Amrita Bhan are very much aware of the busy schedules our patients keep and the stresses that affect parents today. At the same time, parents still want to provide their children with the very best health care, including orthodontic care. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a service which may help alleviate some of the stress and worry in patents’ busy lives.

The Brace Bus is a free service offered to our patients who attend middle or high school. The Brace Bus, driven by our part-time professional driver, picks up students from school, brings them to our office for the appointment, and then takes them back to school after the appointment is completed. This means parents no longer have to leave work to take their children to orthodontic appointments.

Brace Bus appointments are typically scheduled during the morning hours or lunches to minimize missing important classes. The service is provided to more than 25 schools in the county.

To ride the Brace Bus, parents/legal guardians must request and sign our release forms and review policies and procedures for participation.